27 February 2013

Morning has Broken & Snow has Fallen.

The groundhog might have gotten it wrong this time!
Winter has finally arrived and I can't say I am sorry.

Denali in his natural habitat!
Really, I am delighted and so was my dog who jumped into the snow bank and disappeared for a moment into the depths of the snow.

I was so excited to shovel the driveway because it meant there was enough snow on the ground to require it. This lasted until a third of the way up half the driveway.

In the time it takes me to mow the back, sides and front yards, I had almost managed to shovel the entirety of the drive. There was still the sidewalk to do though.

I finish covered in more sweat than reading in the bayou when the air conditioning is broken, but I was still deliriously happy. Thirsty and tired, hoping my son's nap is extra long today so I can type this post, but happy.

I love snow as much as my sister loves the ocean near her home in California.

And let me tell you, like a self propelled lawn mower or the ruffle on the bottom of a swim suit, the little metal strip on the front of a snow shovel makes all the difference!

But know that I am back inside, a cup of Lady Grey with a splash of milk awaits me next to the manuscript for Taken in the Woods. With a pink highlighter and a pencil I plan to continue my studious evaluational of the second book in the Woodmere Triology, so I can pass it off with a green highlighter to another editor

Sooner than later.
*fingers crossed*

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