25 March 2013

Book Preview!

What secret is Craig hiding?
Will Autumn finally confide her's?

Everyone has a Secret
in Left on the Edge, but
the Past becomes the Present
in Taken in the Woods.

Here is the first glimpse of the official cover and summary for the second book in the Woodmere Trilogy, Taken in the Woods.

Returning to Woodmere after Becca’s high school graduation in California, Autumn discovers restoring friendships is more difficult than making them. In the small Minnesota town, where knowing everything is everyone’s business, a surprisingly small amount of truth is actually known. When the past becomes the present, more than one life is in danger.

Will Autumn gain Craig and Kenzie’s trust in time, or will she be Taken in the Woods?

Taken in the Woods will be release as a paperback and an eBook in October 2013!

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