Left on the Edge

Left on the Edge
Woodmere Trilogy | Book One

Just after her seventeenth birthday during winter break, Autumn and her sister receive an announcement from their parents. They are moving back to the Midwest, to a Minnesota town not even large enough to earn a dot on the map. Woodmere is where people have grown up together for generations. It is a town full of gossips and busybodies making sure secrets don’t remain private for long. Memories from her stolen childhood are unlocked during what should have been a routine move. Autumn finds herself suddenly faced with a past she wishes could be forgotten again. A past filled with events she hasn’t told anyone. The man she fears is now only hours away. In an attempt to hide, Autumn becomes the person she didn’t know she could be. Finds the strength she didn’t know she had. In Woodmere, Autumn discovers she isn’t the only one with secrets.

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Reviews for Left on the Edge
Upbeat & Heart Warming
"This book leaves you wanting the next volume. Very worthwhile read. A new up and coming author. We can all relate to things in this book in some way. " - Pamela Richards (review left on Amazon)

A Promising Beginning 
"This was a very good first novel, and I would highly recommend it to those readers who enjoy the’ coming of age’ genre." - Cate Agosta (Full review left on Amazon, Goodreads and Cate's Book Nut Hut)

 "Wonderful read about family and teen issues. Writer kept you interested throughout the entire book." -B&N reader (Review left on Barnes and Noble.)

A very good first novel that left me anxious for the sequel.
"I was impressed by the author's ability to really capture what it is to be a teenager." - Alex Stefansson (Full review left on Amazon and Goodreads)

"I fell in love with Autumn, with her past and the feelings that are all too real for a lot of girls out there." - Sherri Borth (Full review left on Goodreads.)


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