17 February 2013

Starting Background.

Up until today I have been focusing on Autumn.
Now it is time to begin the background.

Like many growing up, I watched Disney movies. Robin Hood, 101 Dalmatians and Beauty & the Beast are still my favorites. What I remember the most though was watching the extras for Sleeping Beauty. The way the backgrounds were drawn, painted and filmed fascinated me.
Taken in the Woods cover art copyrighted to Sarah Richards

I was thinking of this as I started the background for the cover of Taken in the Woods.

This sketch is the preliminarily drawing for the first stage of the background. (Emphasis on preliminarily!)

I envision a few layers of background. This layer will most likely be the foreground. (Still technically a part of the background.) Autumn will obviously be the primary focus, and then there will be the next stage as the actual background.

Check back later to see the next layer of the background!

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