26 September 2014

Cover Reveal for 'Drowned by Fear'!

Final edits are underway for Drowned by Fear!
I received the last marked-up manuscript from my editor on Wednesday night.
Since then I have been working feverishly to make the necessary changes.

I am still hoping to get the paperback edition out by the end of the month.

Here is a sample: 
Autumn’s senior year is filled with preparations for the future; choosing a college and a career, but when she hears her sister in California receives a note like the ones left after the break-ins, she knows the situation is bigger than she can handle. Telling the whole truth to her parents requires more strength than she needed to make friends when she first came to Woodmere. By keeping secrets from her family, Autumn discovers she isn’t protecting them or herself, but the men who haunt her past, present and future. Will she find the courage to tell her family and stop living with secrets or will she be Drowned by Fear?

Please check back for more updates!

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