23 January 2014

Drowned by Fear

Photo taken by me,  Sarah Richards in Northern Minnesota
In the first book of the Woodmere Trilogy, Left on the Edge,
Autumn is haunted by memories. 
She believed her Uncle Mason was the culprit. 

Then in the Taken in the Woods,
she is faced with the reality her memories lied to her. 
The man she should be hiding from is called Nic Blaque. 

Lies also affected Craig life. 
Lies told by his own father, Hank and readily believed by his closest friends and most of the town. 
By telling the truth to Autumn he earned her trust and respect, and
Autumn finally told Craig the truth about her dark past when it caught up to her in the woods.

Can she learn to do the same with her parents before it is too late? 
Will her life have a happy ending or will she be Drowned by Fear?

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