26 December 2012

eBook Update

The eBook is no longer available through Lulu.com,
but will be available to a wider audience soon!

Many readers or potential readers have expressed the same problem to me.
"The file downloaded won't work in a Kindle."

What good is a book if people can't read it?!
I have looked into this problem and come up with a solution.

Technical answer is that the eBook file through Lulu is an .epub only. Like an iTune's music purchase not working in other devices because it is a .mp4 file, an .epub file works in Nook readers, but not Kindles.

Right now I am in the process of switching eBook publishers. Since the copyrights for the book and cover art belong to me, this should be a quick transition.

I will be sure to post updates as I get them on the status of Left on the Edge eBook, when it will be rereleased and through which retailers.

Stay tuned!

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