02 January 2013

Available for Nook, Kindle & iPad. Oh My!

Left on the Edge eBook has been re-Released!

I didn't know it was possible to get more excited over something than the manual grinder and coffee pot I received for Christmas, but I find as I sit on the sofa amidst the company of my sister and niece from California with my son and husky sharing a banana snack in the kitchen I have more than enough energy to power walk the miles through the woods next to my house to visit the elk.

It is now available in a number of eReader varieties: Mobi, PDF and ePub.
For the eBook ONLY I have changed publishers.
The hardcover is still available through Lulu.

To get a copy of this eBook in a format that suites your needs, please go to BookTango.

Within the month, I expect it to be available through major retailers.
As soon as I know when and where, I will post so you can be in the know as well.

Stay tuned!

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