25 June 2013

Red Pen of Editing.

I am excited to announce  
Left on the Edge is going to be re-released!

While I have done my best before originally publishing the first book of the Woodmere Trilogy, it has been brought to my attention the numerous typos and grammatical mistakes you, the readers, have found.

Syntax, weird typos and other grammatical no-nos are interrupting the flow of the novel.

The red pen of editing is being uncapped.
Left on the Edge is undergoing professional help.

Alex Stefansson, author of Paradise Squandered, has graciously agreed to polish up Left on the Edge.
The high caliber of his attention to detail when it comes to all things related to writing can be read for yourself on his blog, or in his novel.

Services exchange is being done.
My design and illustrative skills are going to create a new book cover for Paradise Squandered, while Alex makes the words in Left on the Edge sparkle with his brilliant grasp of the English language.

Being a designer for many years has taught me to accept my inadequacies like editing, while history has taught me to learn from them. So, I fully intend to have a professional editing eye look intently at Taken in the Woods before it is to be released. (This may effect its October release date, but I will keep you posted!)

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